Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The Chicovsky family has returned to Laos. They continue to search for any sign of their son Ryan, who has been missing since last April. If you have any knowledge that might be helpful to their search, please contact us. We monitor email on an hourly basis during the day.

In the U.S., you can communicate with his sister Tasha at tashacorrina@hotmail.com,
with Kurt Jacobs at kjacobs@lopez.k12.wa.us,
or with Richard TĂȘtu at rtetu@lopez.k12.wa.us, 360-468-3214, or 360.468.2219


sister celtic said...

chico judy and friends & family please keep believing have faith never give up hope... very grieved the willise's

Anonymous said...

You maybe should check the mountain caves in Phonsali... they just had a US citizen there for three months and he reported that other foreigners are detained there.

good luck! I'm sorry that you are in this terrible situation but that is how it is in Laos.