Monday, May 22, 2006

Contacting NGOs

Judy Frane, Ryan's mother, was hoping some of the readers could contact NGOs just as she has done already.

She sent letters to 22 NGOs in six northern provinces of Laos. It was fairly simple, although time-consuming because the Lao NGOs have a consortium and it is pretty organized. But in other surrounding countries, it is not. If people who know of NGOs in Burma, Southern China, and Northern Vietnam could possibly write to them, using something like the letter below, it would be of great help. Try to personalize each one, with the directors name, address, etc.

On March 13, 2006 our son Ryan Chicovsky disappeared from the town of Xiengkok in northwestern Laos. All of his belongings, including his passport and his money were left in the room of his guesthouse. His camera was discovered 23 days later with his shirt and his room key.

We have been searching very hard for Ryan and we understand that your organization has people in the areas we believe he might be. We would so greatly appreciate your asking these people to help look for Ryan. A "missing person" flyer with his photo and more information can be found on the website:; his hair may be a little longer now.

Thank you so much for considering our request.


Judy and David Chicovsky


Kathleen Sand said...

Dear Judy, Chico, Keenan, and Tasha,

Thank you for updating with more that we can do to help spread the word. I "see" Ryan in my early waking moments, a haunting message for me to get pro-active.

Please know Jerry, Carina Amy, and I are searching for ways that we can support your efforts to find Ryan and bring him home.

Anonymous said...

Is there a non-profit organization or individual whom I can send money to to help with travel and searching costs?

Anonymous said...

Are there any specific NGOs to write to with any adresses? I do not know very much about these organazations but would very much like to send more letters out. If anyone will reply to this, it would be helpful. My family's prayers and thoughts are with the Chicovskys. Thank You.

DeAnn and Jay said...

Dear Chicovsky Family,
We are googling NGOs and asking our friends to do so as well. I have had 4 responses, 3 immediately. Burma Border Projects sent their information to their field reps. in Chiang Mai and Mae Sot.The UNODC forwarded the information to the correct authority.
We would also like to know if there is somewhere we could send money to help support travel costs etc.?