Sunday, June 17, 2007

Important update

As of today, June 13, Ryan's family has not seen him in two years.

This photo of Ryan was taken by his mother in Seattle as he left for Western Washington's summer session in Bejing and Kunming, China.

In addition, the US Embassy in Laos has updated Ryan's flyer to include information and "Large Reward" in four languages. It can be found here and on the embassy website, as listed on the left.

The FBI has included Ryan on their "Missing Person" data base and he soon will be on the "Missing Person website."

Since Ryan will now be seen by potentially many more people we have included additional photos of him.

Ryan resting at The Tiger Leaping Gorge in China, 2005.

Ryan by Lao rice paddies, March 2006.

Ryan hiking, March 2006.

Ryan fooling around, Xiengkok, March 2006.

Vendor in Xiengkok market, Black Thai Lu hilltribe, March 2006.

Ryan trying on clothes being sold by the vendor.
This is the last photo taken of Ryan; it is from March 13, 2006.

All these photos were taken with Ryan's camera, which we recovered. Please remember that Ryan may look very different now; he may have longer hair and a beard and he may be very thin.

We, Ryan's family, would be very grateful of any assistance in locating him. We love him very much and miss him terribly. Thank you.